EYS is a registered NPO that was established in 2005.

NPO Number:  038- 601
PBO Number:  9300 21924
Accreditation Number:  ETDP 1594

The focus of the organization is the development of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector and working with young people in both rural and urban areas.

EYS targets training and skills building for effective management and governance of ECD facilities and the delivery of quality ECD programs. EYS believes it encourages an awareness of differing points of view within families and empowers parents to recognise their parenting skills and abilities.

This will ensure that children are nurtured and educated in a stable, caring and stimulating environment.

EYS was privileged to receive an ABSA-Sowetan Award in the category of Best Innovative Project in ECD for its training program that raises awareness and training of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Substance Abuse and its impact and prevention.

EYS believes that children and young people are the future of South African society and by ensuring the provision of sustainable and equitably distributed programmes it will contribute to a bright and prosperous South Africa.

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